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In Auto Hero MOD APK, you can become a hero who kills monsters. Even though it's an arcade game, you don't have to move around too much because your hero can shoot on its own.
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In Auto Hero MOD APK, you can become a hero who kills monsters. Even though it’s an arcade game, you don’t have to move around too much because your hero can shoot on its own. Moreover, there are different kinds of maps, and the player’s level determines when they can be used.

You can also choose the your favorite hero while you play as and the weapon that you want to use. Things will only get worse, so you should always be ready for the worst. The player can also use the terrain to avoid being hit by monsters. There are more reasons to move in a flexible way.

Moreover, you don’t need to change how the gun’s fire button works because the gun will fire itself when it gets close enough to a monster to hit it.

Auto Hero MOD APK Gameplay

Auto Hero: Auto-shooting game MOD invulnerability is a new adventure platformer with new automatic shooting mechanics and controls that asks you to save all of humanity from invaders.

There are a lot of fun missions with epic battle scenes, more than 100 types of enemies, and their bosses. It’s a cyber-art story that you’ll find hard to put down.

You can pick your hero from a wide range of classes, each of which has its own specialization in combat and hidden skills that you can show off on the battlefield against monsters. Gather your brave heavy metal soldiers and give them weapons and armor that will last.

Then, start killing all the creatures in your land. Automatic shooting has never been so fun. You can show how tough you are as a shooter by going through many stages and levels, automatically killing monsters and avoiding their deadly attacks.


Auto Hero APK Features :

  • Innovation Characteristics

However, there are more than 140 different guns and dozens of different characters, giving you a lot of options. Get the money if you need it, and then choose the characters that you want. In addition, buy more high-quality guns so you can be ready for tough battles.

  • 150 Different missions

Therefore, Auto Hero MOD APK has more than 150 different missions that range in difficulty from easy to hard. The game screen gets more complicated as time goes on, so you have to keep your character up to date.

  • Access new people and weapons

Auto Hero makes different pictures of heroes that players can that pick. Each one looks different and fights in a different way. But how you control a character is what makes them who they are, so do your best.

Also, don’t forget to change when you get new weapons in the game. While Auto Hero MOD has many unique gun models in the modified version game. They are made to look like modern guns. Even though it doesn’t look like real guns.


Auto Hero MOD Features:

  • There are 140 kinds of weapons that can do a lot of damage.
  • You can play offline games without the internet and fight in a simple 2D background.
  • There are 150 hard combat missions that will test every soldier’s courage.
  • Auto-shooting games are easy to control because players only need to move the gunman’s target to avoid enemy shots.
  • You’ll have to fight hundreds of different kinds of monsters.

Auto Hero MOD APK Download Guide :


 FAQs :

What is an “Auto hero MOD APK”?

A game of fire extinguishers and straightforward control with a variety of playable characters, Auto Hero features. The typical definition of a platform game is the player advancing through a series of levels by vanquishing a variety of foes, including their bosses. He develops into a great guy who is able to acquire strong pumps and slay his foes.

Can I play the game without the internet?

Yes, you may play it offline at any time in adventure mode; but, you will not be able to invite your friends/Buddies/classmates or compete with other players from across the globe.


Auto Hero: Auto-fire Platformer is an action arcade game with easy controls and a diverse cast of characters. In the spirit of the “platformer” genre, the player will progress through many stages by overcoming the resistance of a large number of foes, including bosses.

For the purpose of destroying the adversaries, he will transform into a force of cool characters that can be augmented via the acquisition of additional weapons and equipment and the use of perks.

The characters will automatically attack the opponent during combat, thus the player will simply need to avoid enemy assaults and hop on platforms.

Auto Hero: Auto-shooting game is a shooting game that is simple but fun. You will no longer be a romantic western cowboy. Instead, you will become a force gunner with strong muscles and big guns.

No matter where you go, monsters must be scared of you as long as you are there. Show your strength, kill the bosses behind you, and the whole game will be unlocked.

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