Top 5 Best Apps To Change Text Background [Androids]

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No matter how long you have been using the Android message application, users still have some problems. Users quickly get bored of its latest update or the same algorithm.

Furthermore, you can do some such applications on your mobile to enjoy the text message background. This will completely replace your text messages and make them easy to use.

So after the latest Android 9 update, users are having trouble changing the theme of their mobile phones. So today, we will discuss this issue and show you some of the latest apps that you can use to make your background text messages unique and unforgettable change

Why Do We Need To Change The Background Colors?

Users get bored of using the something and remember that the latest update of Android 9, we do not change the theme easily. We have put together some applications for you to enjoy the same thing that allows you to change the color of your background text message and bring color into your life.

5 Best Apps To Change Text Message Background

Messenger Theme 2022

With this application, you not only change the color of your text, but you can also change the light or dark mode. Moreover, it gets its name in the exemplary application in the market because it is a user-friendly interface that makes the application easy to use the way the user wants.

Messenger-Led Massages chat Emoji theme

If you feel not better than text messages color, you must try this application. In addition, this application has a proper technique that makes your text color unique and changeable. In this application, you get to see many more things, e.g., color size and customize the font size, edit the background chat wallpaper, and customize it according to your wishes. Also, customize the bubble chat color and style.

Messenger Theme SMS and Messenger

If you love sending a text message to a particular person with more colors and making your text beautiful, you should use the Messenger theme Sms and Messenger. The unique feature also shows typing indicator in the application, which makes this application more sensational.

You must notice a few things you need to know before installing the application

NO doubt, this application is entirely free, but you must know that this application works with the GO Pro theme and or the new messenger version 2021 app. You want to use this APK, just install the Go pro SMS and messenger latest version 2021 on your smartphone.

Handcent Next SMS

Handcent is a unique and beautiful layout application on the google play store for smart mobile. That works with your smartphone to change the custom theme and make it more sensational. In addition, its have many more features that everyone should use it.

Plus Messenger – Free

Furthermore, Plus messenger free APK allows you to customize many things with this on your mobile phone behind the background colors. This APK will enable users to change color, send emojis, and provide a variety of themes on mobile devices—furthermore, its works on both devices like Android and IOS latest version.


Mobile phones with their background color are very dull, but the mobile phone user wants their mobile phone to be used as per their liking, even for background change. So, today we talked about how to change your background text colors. Moreover, if you have any issues with these five applications, you can let us know in the comments below; we will help you ASAP.

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