WhatsApp Postpones New Privacy Terms amid Backlash [Latest]

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WhatsApp Postpones New Privacy Terms amid Backlash [Latest]

About Whatsapp New Privacy Policy

WhatsApp is the most used chatting application in the world. And the main reason is its strong privacy terms and conditions. But a few days ago, as soon WhatsApp thought about changing its privacy policy and tweeted about it, the whole world did worry about the news. It’s a natural process because WhatsApp is used the most because its privacy is protected.

Furthermore, after the tweet from WhatsApp, America, India, Pakistan, China, and South Africa demonstrated this policy. Because this policy was not considered better for anyone. Many countries thought of launching their application after this news came.

When A Lots Of People Decided To Leave The WhatsApp

Whatsapp also saw many people joining another chatting platform like Telegram and other applications like Snapchat while leaving WhatsApp.  In addition, Telegram attracted more than 25 million people during that time.

Because of all of this, WhatsApp thinks their decision is wrong. They need to reconsider their decision. So WhatsApp once again tweeted that we are neither selling our user’s DATA to anyone nor is it considered insecure. This is just added to WhatsApp’s new policy. What our customers are most interested in is to show users what they are interested in so that they can be shown ads accordingly.

So WhatsApp already has a lot of data and has shared it on te Facebook. So that people can see the relevant ads. In addition, the only purpose they had was to release the policies. So that facebook earn more money from this newest idea.


We have shared with our users all the information about the new policy of WhatsApp. There is no doubt that there is no better chatting appellation than Whatsapp. However, there are many more applications on the google play store used by millions of people. But there is no one better than the WhatsApp app. What you want to use is up to you, but WhatsApp is also a safe and secure app like before.

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