Du recorder mod apk

DU Recorder APK (Without Watermark) 2023

DU Recorder APK


DU Recorder APK (Without Watermark) 2023 is a versatile application that empowers you to capture your screen effortlessly, no matter where you are. Designed for Android devices, this recorder stands out because it not only records your screen but also offers editing capabilities post-recording.

This screen recorder APK guarantees stable and high-quality video recordings without the need for device rooting. It smoothly captures videos, games, movies, video calls, live shows, and much more. Additionally, you can record streaming content, thanks to its compatibility with various online social media platforms. The application even allows you to choose the resolution before initiating the recording process.

One of the standout features of this application is its ease of use. You can start and pause recordings swiftly, and the captured videos can be instantly shared on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

What sets this Screen Recorder APK apart is its extensive editing toolkit. It provides an array of editing features, including filters, GIFs, and unlimited editing options. This means you can refine your recordings, edit or remove specific segments, and enhance the audio quality to achieve the best results.

DU Recorder Recorder APK

People want to record unlimited things such as home screens, live streaming, game streaming, and other basic love things. But they are annoyed by the watermark. So using this Du Screen Recorder APK old version, don’t worry about the watermark.

Because this is the version and anything you would record by this automatically removes the watermark. It is the main feature of the 2023 latest version. So install the DU recorder and have fun.

Du recorder mod apk

DU Recorder Pro APK Features :

  • Recorded video in high-resolution

DU Screen Recorder APK allows you to record high-resolution videos on a smartphone. Therefore, with this phone’s screen app, you can easily record anything going on. You’re smartphone device, or laptop screen should record anything you want.

With this application, you can capture high-quality and solid displays. Using this latest screen recorder APK, you can register your screen and popular games, movie clips video calls on your phone.

  • HD quality

Also, You can use this APK to get high-quality screens for free. 1080p 720p, 540p, 480p, you can use more high-resolution options for free, such as frame rate, bit rate, etc. 

  • The screen with the face camera is short

You may also record the face cam with hilarious emotions and sensations. Adjust the face cam size quickly and pass it slowly on the screen, no matter where it is.

  • Video Resolution

In addition, DU Recorder APK provides you with high to high video quality, also the option to set auto-recommended video quality.

  • Video Editor screen recorder

This standard application allows you to edit the video while recording the entire video and convert the video to a GIF video system. While setting HD quality, rotate and compress the video.

  • To edit and Delete parts

You can use this function to erase or eliminate unwanted parts of the movie.

  • Video to GIF

This recorder allows you to use this application to convert videos to GIFs.

  • Marge’s videos and images

Using this video recorder can perform edge processing on videos and images.

Du recorder mod apk

Du Recorder Pro Features :

  • You can make the custom setting of this app. For example, you can adjust the speed and resolution of the video according to your ideas. In contrast, this allows you to control the video when you want to stop it and when you can start the video through the notification bar.
  • In this regard, this tool gives the highest quality and resolution. Many systems include frame, bit rate, and HD quality features. This feature also saves your video to storage, SD cards, and the other side of the computer.
  • If you enable recording stability, you can access notifications. In addition, you can control recording on your smartphone.
  • You can control the video, which means editing the video, cropping the pictures and blur, adjusting the size of the video clip, adding music to your favorite video, and many more features in this primary app.
  • You can change the speed of the video, rotate and crop, and choose to make a GIF in this way. Then, enable the floating window premium to use the floating window for recording and live streaming.
  • There’s no need to root for screen recording, live streaming, gaming, or watching movies. To begin screen recording, click once.
  • There is also the function to save your video in storage, SD, and the other side.
  • Edit your clip and add parts to your video. And remove unwanted parts.
  • You can add background music with the help of the DU Recorder APK 2023.
  • It is not difficult to use this application. Moreover, it enables the front camera and back camera. Both have the option of this app.
  • Moreover, Convert videos to gifs and use them to make funny stickers.
  • Stop the video at any time and start at any time.
Du recorder mod apk

DU Recorder APK Install Guide :

Tap on the button install from our page, wait for some seconds to complete the installation procedure, when the installation is completed go to the mobile setting and click APK file and allow “unknown sources” Turn on location, and allow a camera that is needed to use this app. Then click the install button and have fun also.


FAQs :

How to play and install it?

Simply navigate to this website to the APK version and activate any camera Microsoft audio or video features that require it.

What is a DU Screen Recorder APK?

DU Recorder APK is an application used to record screens, live broadcasts, and game movies. In addition, it provides many other features like resolution, bit rate, frames, and stickers.

Is that DU Recorder APK safe to use?

Yes, 100 percent secure and free APK floating version. Also, it supports both devices as Android IOS, Windows, Mac, or PC. No need to root the device by using this app.

How much time limit to record?

Furthermore, It provides you unlimited time to record your screen and what other people want to record.


DU Recorder APK is an application that allows you to record your screen anytime, anywhere. This recorder is an Android software application. The best part of this app is that you can use this application to edit the footage after recording the video. 

DU screen recorder & video capture allow you to record any video on the screen. The quality of the screen recorder is stable. However, It will enable you to record your video smoothly and with the best results. There is no need to root the device to use this application.

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