How To Change MAC Address On Android Device

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If you want to change your MAC Address and want to secure your privacy from anywhere, you can do it easily because here today, I will let you know how to change the MAC Address on any smart device step by step. But firstly, to change the Media access control address, we need to know what MAC IP is and why we need to change our MAC IP. And what we should more advantage to changing the MAC Address.

What is MAC Address (Media access control)?

MAC Address (The full form of this word is Media Access Control Address), MAC word is the most common word found on each android device. The media access control address is a 12-character unrepeatable identification address of a wifi device.

Furthermore, the Media access control address is different for every device because it identifies your mobile device Address when connected to the internet or a local connection. Every mobile device’s Media access control address is different when connected to another device or internet connection.

Why Do We Need To Change The Address?

In the world, everyone has own wishes and different purposes of changing the Address, some of the reasons are available here that most of the common reasons to change the Address,

1. Some people are changing their Addresses because they access public WI-FI and want to hide their original IP address. Thus, no one tracks them through to change the Address.

2. Some people are changing their Addresses because they visit different sites like private servers and other special sites like online banking, online shopping, and gambling site, and they want to hide their Real IP from third parties.

3. If someone blocked your IP address from the wifi router, you need to change your address. It may easily connect again to the same router without knowing third parties.

How to Change MAC Address on Android Devices?

If someone wants to change the Media access control address, you can do it step by step.

Make sure you have a Smartphone device, e.g., if you have the latest Samsung device so you can go to your under the Mobile Settings> About phone, 

Furthermore, by Samsung device, open the setting of the mobile phone> About phone OR device> Status> wifi MAC IP.

On Nokia smart devices: Settings> System> About phone> Status> WiFi MAC Address

Now we need to change MAC Address and wifi Mac Address.

With Root Devices:

In addition, find BusyBox and install it on your device; BusyBox is software that allows you to use a variety of LINUS and UNIX commands in the terminal emulator. You may follow these steps to install the BusyBox and terminal emulator.

Go to play store and search BusyBox, and press enter

If you found Busybox software on your front screen so, tap it to install,

Open the terminal emulator application and type in the command (“SU”)

Now you will be prompted to allow root access to the app.

Run the command “IP link show.”

Let us assume your network to be “FAL7000”.

In the next command, type in “busybox IP link FAL7000″, your current address will be shown there.

Type in “busybox config FAL7000 hw ether XX:XX:XX:YY:YY: YY” and it will let you change the Address.

Finally done.

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