How To Get Unlimited Storage On Google Photos 2020


In the contemporary world, nearly everyone possesses a smartphone, relying heavily on these devices for accessing information, whether in the form of pictures or videos. A report from 2011 revealed that a staggering 95% of Americans owned a mobile phone, regardless of the brand.

In order to safeguard their photos and videos, individuals require software that ensures secure, long-term storage, granting them the freedom to access their data at any given moment. This brings us to the topic of Google Photos, a platform offering 15 GB of free storage, enabling users to permanently save their personal and other data, making it easily accessible whenever needed.

Automatically Backup

Every photo or video we take is automatically recorded in 4K resolution on the device because mobile phones are modern like our thinking.

Similarly, when you allow google photos to back up your files. So, Google photos automatically backups all your files. After completing the storage on this software, google photos storage is full. Because in now account you have only 15 GB storage free on this software.

In addition, in that case, you don’t have to worry because I will let you know how to get the most storage from google photos.

How To Get Unlimited Storage On Google photos

Install and update the google photos software on your device that opens and creates an account with your Email. after creating the procedure of account, click your profile, click on the photos setting, now in front of your screen, the option is Back up & Sync. Now, click on the ‘High-quality option, which gives you free backup (& uncountable storage, obviously).

Finally complete, all your settings will be automatically saved without any issue.

How To Get Unlimited Storage On Google Photos Without Paying Any Payment.

Yes, now you can get unlimited storage and space from Google photos without any subscriptions and plans.

Guide Step By Step:

  • Create a new account on Google photos to get more storage.
  • Restrict google photos to personal and private photos or videos.
  • That images that are too high MB or high resolution Reduce the size of that image before uploading on google photos.
  • Delete unread and spam emails and forums.


Here are some basic steps you can take to begin unlimited storage. Also, this process is legal. Google Photos does not impose any restrictions on it.

However, if you have any issues creating a new account on the same device, you can let us know In the comments below.

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