Mr Bullet APK (Unlimited Money/Tickets)

Mr Bullet APK


Are you ready to become one of the best detectives in this game? Fighting for peace and destroying enemies is your top priority in the game. Use your abilities to complete missions and fight your enemies In the game of Mr Bullet APK. In the superhero game, take on the role of an agent or the renowned youngster battling for peace.

Make sure you fight with your enemy with a lot of forethought because you have a strong enemy in front of you. Make sure your shot is correct of the enemy’s head, and don’t give the chance to move out your enemies.

In the beginning, your enemy and the game’s mission are very simple. You can easily destroy the enemy and complete the task. But gradually, the complexity and your enemies are very powerful what’s more, with the difficulties you have to compete with the enemy of all levels or destroy them.

The best weaponry will be used to combat the foe. There is no shortage of ammo and bullets. Overcome obstacles, understand the enemy’s tricks, and fight them; this event is your goal.

Mr Bullet APK Gameplay

In addition, your focus should be on destroying the enemy and completing the missions. Make sure you start the adventure because NINJA, even the most terrifying enemy in the game, is ready to fight with you.

To combat the biggest enemies and ensure that you are using the game’s best feature with weapons. You will rescue the hostage from the enemy’s cage and kill the enemy. What’s more, you can go anywhere in the game, in big cities, and fight anywhere as a superhero agent.

In Mr Bullet APK no ads and you have no worries about which enemy you will face; whatever enemy is good or bad that is your enemy, and you have to fight them all. If you have the best weapons and the best tactics against your enemies, I’m sure it will be very good for your character and player.

After that, it becomes complicated to continue the game; there is no need to panic about obstacles. Because in the game, you are allowed to choose the best weapons to blow up your enemies.


Mr Bullet APK Latest Version

Make sure you stand out as a hero in the game; of course, you have to rescue the hostage from the enemy so that the whole world knows your level and ability. The real agent to accept the challenge is overcoming obstacles and standing out in the game. In addition, as a real agent, you have a good strategy against the enemy.

Every level in the Mr Bullet APK VIP Unlocked is open, and upgrade features are only for you. You can use many attributes and methods to overcome the challenges and use different classes. Rescue the people from the hands of the enemy, and there are many special features to help you create your strategy.

Mr Bullet APK Features :

  • HD graphics and sound quality

The Mr Bullet APK game’s graphics and sound quality were retained at a high level for the gamers. What’s more, you will also enjoy the pictures and good quality of the game while completing the most difficult Puzzles missions.

  • Save the hostages while completing the missions

In particular, you will make sure that you complete the missions and free the people from the hands of the enemy. Re-taking hostages should be part of your mission when confronting the enemy in any situation. 

  • The most difficult puzzles

As you go along the way, you will find interesting and difficult puzzles that you must complete. Make sure that your health and speed are good together to finish it as quickly as possible. The intriguing part is that the better your pace and fitness in the game, the more difficult the challenge in front of you will become.

  • The strange enemy in the game

As you complete the mission, enemies will come to you in strange ways, such as lumberjacks, aliens, and zombies. You can call them weird because they look so odd. Moreover, to complete the task, you must have the best strategy to face small obstacles and string up enemies, and you must have weapons.


Tips to Play

  • Completing the puzzle moving is not good for you. You can spend more time if you want, but solve the problem correctly.
  • If you want to earn money and gifts, please read the terms and conditions of the game. There are also advertisements to earn unlimited cash and coins. Through advertising, you will make money.
  • As the game level goes up, it will take time to complete some of the missions and puzzles of the game. So make sure you have to stable more time and solve the right puzzles within a little time.
  • Shoot the enemy thoughtfully and keep track of the bullets using the bullets.

Mr Bullet APK

In Bullet Force APK, you have more precious ammunition and bullets, so; you should think before attacking your enemies and then shoot.

And when you hit an enemy, keep track of shots because you should know when and where your bullets finished at the end. Make sure you’re using the special feature, so you get unlimited ammo and bullets to destroy the enemy.

Mr Bullet Features :

  • Different tasks and powerful puzzles
  • Visual graphics and sound quality
  • Unique levels with an interesting setup
  • Unlock all epic missions
  • 584k player globally
  • Also, unlock all stages
  • Spy vs. spy
  • While no ads
  • Unlimited Money

Bullet Force APK unlimited ammo Install Guide :

  • Install the latest version of the Mr. Bullet APK on this page.
  • After the installation is complete, go to the file manager or mobile setting.
  • And multi-function settings click on it, and then allow to ‘‘Unknown sources’’.
  • This is the privacy of the play store. After that, install it on your device.
  • Once you have completed the procedure, you can use this application as usual.
  • Enjoy.



FAQs :

How to get unlimited money in Mr. Ninja APK?

Here, you get unlimited money in the APK version, and you get vast cash and gifts that help you in front of the enemy and solve the puzzles.

Is it safe to install?

If you think about the virus thus, you are wrong because we are checking this APK file on a malware application; there are no defective issues and viruses. So, therefore, it means it’s completely free and safe from the virus.

Can I open mini-games in MR Bullet APK?

Yes, you can open mini-games with the money you earned in the game. But, as well, you have to watch an advertisement. That’s how you make money and unlock features the way you want.

Is it free to install on Android mobile?

Indeed, you can install it from the Google play store and on this site. Moreover, it is completely free with unlimited money.

Can I install it on my IOs device?

Indeed, you can install it on IOs and Android devices for free.


Are you ready to become one of the best detectives in this game? Fighting for peace and destroying enemies is your top priority in the game. Use your abilities to complete missions and fight your enemies In the game of Mr. Bullet APK. In the superhero game, take on the role of an agent or the renowned youngster battling for peace.

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