Taxi Sim 2020 APK (Unlimited Money)

Taxi Sim 2020 APK


The Taxi Sim 2020 APK, developed by Ovidiu Pop, is a simulator game available on the Google Play store without any payment requirement. This game stands out for its focus on VIP cities and high-quality graphics, allowing players to experience driving both taxis and private cars.

As you navigate through the game, you can explore iconic cities such as New York, Miami, and Los Angeles, among others. With over 30 different vehicles to choose from, each with its unique features and characteristics, the gameplay becomes engaging and diverse. Completing tasks successfully requires selecting the best vehicle suited for the job.

Unlike many other apps on the Google Play store, which often restrict features behind paywalls, Taxi Sim 2020 APK provides access to premium features and top-tier vehicles without the need for purchasing any subscriptions or bundles. This inclusion of premium features in the latest version of the Taxi Sim APK ensures that players can enjoy the game to its fullest without any additional financial burden.

Taxi Sim 2020 APK Unlimited Money+OBB 2022

In the latest Taxi Sim APK gameplay version, you have two gameplay generally in, as you choose according to your liking, such as yellow automobiles, where you find the passenger on the road and drop them off at their places. At the same time, the other you have to ability, such as choosing private transportation.

In addition, while driving, you can see the functions of the game and the exquisite graphics provided by the developer, which will make you happy. Enjoy the big cities such as Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Rome, and much more.

You also use all advanced vehicles in the game and find passengers to get your character or increase money. In the simple version of the Taxi Sim 2020 APK, you have to stop the car when you see the red icon. So make sure you contain the vehicle.

If you don’t do that, you have to pay money outside the game. Because you are misusing the road rules, then you have to pay.

Moreover, in the version, get rid of this tension in your mind because, in APK, nothing like that happens if you don’t want to stop on the road while running the red icon, and you want to break the rules so can do it, and you don’t have to pay anything.

However, do not pay any amount to violate the regulations, and you get a lot of money in the game.

Taxi Sim 2020 APK Features :

  • Unlimited Money

You are rewarded with an endless amount of money and prizes in this game. You can buy vehicles of different models from the game according to your personality. Also, make sure you are using an excellent feature, and you will never end the game’s money.

  • Unlimited vehicles

It has a wide range of cars to make the game more enjoyable. So open each car one by one, in addition, to the BMW and many BMW Models that you should use for free.

  • No ads

There are too many problems in the regular version, such as company advertisements, and users are very uneasy about this. So, now you don’t have to worry, because, in the Taxi Sim 2020 APK version, all ad is blocked from the game. So, you need to enjoy the latest version ad-free.

  • Smoothly controls

There are many big cities in the game that you drive cars to, such as New York, Miami, Rome, and other big cities that you can quickly go anywhere. However, you will be getting more control of the game options. You can also easily customize the options on the home screen according to your preferences.

  • Excellent selection of different vehicles

Taxi Simulator APK allows you to have a wide range when accessing the vehicle. Although there are many vehicles in it, you can quickly select them and drive on the road. All of the cars are already open in the version.


Taxi Sim 2020 Features:

  • Every week adds new challenges and vehicles for the audience
  • Play Career, free from multiple modes
  • Updates sound quality and high graphics
  • Enjoy the simulator weather
  • Visits to huge cities
  • Endless fuel in it
  • And much more

Taxi Sim 2020 APK Install Guide :

  • Install the latest version of the Taxi Sim 2020 APK on this page.
  • After the installation is complete, go to the file manager or mobile setting.
  • And multi-function settings click on it, and then allow to ‘‘Unknown sources’’.
  • This is the privacy of the Play Store. After that, install it on your device.
  • Once you have completed the procedure, you can use this application as usual.
  • Enjoy.



FAQs :

Can I install the Taxi Sim 2020 game on an iOS device?

Additionally, You can install it on IOs and Android smartphones because this application is designed specifically for Android and iOS smartphones.

Is it safe to play on an Android device?

No doubt, you have to install it because it is entirely safe without any infection assaults and confusion.

Is Taxi Sim 2020 APK free to install?

Indeed, it is entirely free, and you don’t need to pay any amount here.


Taxi Sim 2020 APK simulator game published by the Ovidiu Pop developer does not require payment to the Google Play store for using this app. The game focuses on VIP cities and graphics. Here you can drive a cab and drive a private car.

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