The Best Google Photos Alternatives Software 2022


Numerous users seek a secure storage solution for their photos and videos, ensuring the safety of their data even in cases of device loss or damage. With the recent Google Photos update, users are granted 15 GB of free storage, providing a safeguard for their valuable data.

Google Photos automatically backs up user data, but once the 15 GB limit is reached, the newest backups cease until users opt for premium subscriptions. For those unable to invest in paid options, the search for free alternatives and applications is a common challenge. Today, I will share the best free online software solutions to help you safeguard your data without cost.

3 Top Google Photos Alternatives Software With FREE Storage

MediaFire is free and an alternative to Google photos

Mediafire is software that works exactly like Google Photos. You can store your photos, videos, music PDF WORD files, and other types of files while you will not face any issues after creating an account on Mediafire. Mediafire gives its users up to 50GB of storage free. If you want to use more storage, make sure you purchase a subscription bundle of Mediafire.

Mediafire also allows its users to connect the account anywhere anytime with their phones, like computers, tablets, and Smartphones. Furthermore, it’s very easy to use and upload files like photos, videos, music, and other files.

Mediafire Features:

  • It has the capability to automatically all backups from your device
  • Easily find any file here by typing the file name
  • Create an album and share a direct file using the link
  • 50 GB free for all users

Mega Cloud Storage And Alternatives Of Google Photos

Mega is also amazing alternative software that allows users to store their personal and private data. It allows its users to upload files and delete them from any device. The mega app is superb free online software that allows users to share their files with their contact and see their updates in real time.

Free Storage For Registered Users

Mega offers registered users 20GB of free storage worldwide. Furthermore, you can get an extra 5GB of storage through the MEGA achievement program even in this program. If anyone wants to use more storage from MEGA so, make sure you buy the pro plan.

MEGA Features:

  • All data in your pocket
  • All of the files encrypted
  • Always protected from third parties
  • Encrypted sharing and collaboration
  • Easily upload all files and videos also

Degoo Cloud Drive And Alternative Of Google Photos

Degoo cloud storage is world-class software worldwide that offers its users to use free up to 100 GB of storage and upload any file here; also, you can share the file here with your mobile contact.

Degoo Features:

  • Automatic Sync Of All Backup

Degoo software can detect any file, like when you snatch a new clip or click a new photo with your mobile phone camera and make sure your backup is always updated. Dego software automatically backups up all files and doesn’t anyone think about the backup. Because it automatically backup from your smartphone and tablets.

  • If Anyone Wants To Get More Extra Space

If anyone wants to get more extra space, you can easily get it by watching the sponsored videos or by updating the pro subscription.

  • Very Simple To Use

Degoo has a much more user-friendly interface. So no one is irritated because this latest version led to a much friendlier and cleaner interface with a fantastic chrome finish and simple design, making it super easy to use. Just drag all of the files here and let Degoo take care of the rest.

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