What Is USSD, And How To Transfer Money Without An Internet?

About Money Transfer Without Internet?


Imagine you find yourself in a situation where you have to make an online money transfer, whether it’s at a shopping mall, a cinema, or a friend’s house. However, what if you encounter a scenario where there’s no internet connection or a power outage? In today’s digital era, such concerns may not be as daunting as they seem. Living in the modern age, you need not worry if you find yourself without internet access.

Considering India’s gradual shift toward a robust economy, it becomes imperative to offer this service to individuals who may not possess a smartphone. This provision proves especially valuable in regions with limited education and internet connectivity.

What is USSD Service?

When you dial *99#, which is also called a USSD Service, launched primarily in India without internet and for users who do not have a smartphone or internet connection. This service means USSD service has been launched in the country through the NUUP (National Unified USSD Platform) of India associated with the UPI platform.

How To Transfer Money Without The Internet?

USSD service can be used locally, and it is fully safe and secure if you think another way because the Government legally approves it in India.

In addition, you can transfer anywhere, anytime without the internet and smartphone, even with a few steps:

Before using this service, the number from which you want to transfer money must be registered with the bank.

Step by step transfer money with a registered number with the bank. 

  • To use this service, you need to dial *99# on your mobile
  • After dialing this code, you will see the welcome screen.
  • So, now you will have to enter the first three letters, or IFSC code or 2-digit bank code followed by send.
  • Suppose you complete these steps, some options, e.g., transferring funds using your mobile number, IFSC UPI ID, and bank account number.
  • After doing this step, your need is fully complete.
  • Finally done.

There is a restriction of 5000 rs per transfer, so you can only use it for that, and it is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Note: This service is available who are not registered on the NUUP platform. So, you can easily transfer money to anyone by using this service.

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